Orders & Payments

Mazal Tov and thank you  for choosing Simcha's Kippot for your event!


For a successful order, you should pay attention to several conditions:

  • The minimum order is of 60 kippot (if you want to order less there will be a 20$ addition)
  • The delivery time from the placement of the order is of 40 days (for knitted kippot the time will be up to 60 days)
  • Express fee is $ 60
  • The basic price of the kippot includes the personalization of the kippot and the choice of size, inner text font and personalization, two different colors for the inside and the edge of the kippa (which you can choose from our cotton collection) and an inner pin.
  • One-color outer embroidery (1 $)
  • Another color or fabric rim (0,50$)
  • Printing your own pattern inside or outside the kippa on the entire kippa surface will have an additional cost of 1,50$ for each kippa.
  • Personalized kippa with individual embroidery cost $ 15 per unit.
  • If you do not have internal and external text design, we will design it for you. The first 6 samples will be free of charge. If you do not like the first samples, additional designs will cost 30$.
  • Our designer will design an original and personalised logo for 30 $.
  • After the placing of your order, you will get a picture of the kippa you ordered (within 14 days from the day of the order) with view on the inside and on the outside. The production will continue only after a written approval of the design, the colors, the sizes and the quantity. At this point you will still be able to make changes of color and design free of charge.
  • If you want to change the fabric type, the price will change according to the price of the fabric you choose.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you before the production, which will let you have the possibility to double check and prevent all kind of mistakes.
  • The payment will be made at the time of the order. We accept credit card, PayPal (+5%), bank transfer, chèque or cash.
  • Kippot arriving in Israel are charged + 17% of VAT. The prices in shekels already include the VAT. Kippot sent abroad are 0% VAT.
  • Our shipments are sometimes obligated to customs when entering the destination country. The charge will be on the client's account only.
  • We produce the kippot in China. The shipment will be calculated according to the quantity of kippot and destination country to which they are sent.

For any further question, you're invited to write to our customer service: simchanat@gmail.com