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How do I place an order?

You need to download the forms which are published under ”Forms” , fill them in with your preferences and send them to our contact [email protected]


We accept payments through Paypal. With Paypal you can shop securely without revealing your financial information and pay conveniently and faster.


We usually need 40 days to produce an order. Shipping to USA and Canada takes another 3-5 days while to Europe about 5 days. Shipping to Latin America and Israel takes 7 days. We use Fedex, UPS, TNT or DHL shipping. The above shipping companies service is usually very accurate, but sometimes there could be unexpected delays. This is totally out of our control. We therefore suggest, when placing an order, to account for some excess-time.

Rush Orders

Our regular lead time is from 43 to 47 days. If you need the order in 30-42 days, you will have to pay a rush fee of $ 60.00. We cannot accept any order with request of delivery within 30 days.

Mistakes in the order

If the order was placed within 10 days, that means we are preparing to produce and you still may apply to make modification.
If the order are already made or partially made, you may also apply to modify but we will charge fees accordingly.
Before mass production we will send you an image of the kippah for confirmation. Please pay attention to all the details because after your confirmation you will be charged for the order.

Can I get a sample before the order ?

Yes, we provide samples. We will charge a sample fee and the shipping charge. The shipping charge is usually higher because of international express mail. In order to save time, we do not send samples by regular mail, but only through express mail such as Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT.
In most of the cases, you may save sample shipping by just request a photo proof. We provide the photo proof only after the order is placed and before starting production.

Can I order my own style ?

Yes, we may produce according to customers design. If have your own logo you are required to send it to us by e-mail.
However, if you don’t have a logo and you want one, our staff will be happy to design one for you. There is an additional fee for this service.

Is there any duty or tax when i get the parcel ?

It depends on the country. Each country has it’s own rules. We do not check for you the rules in your country.
any taxes that should be paid in your country for your order, should be paid by you, we will not undertake such cost.

Thank you for shopping with us!