Personalised Products

Customized Products:

You can order any kind of Kippa for your event in just 3 steps!

1. Choose the fabric:

Our Staff will send you a digital catalog of all the fabrics you can use and you'll only have to choose your favorite!  

2. Choose the details:

In order to make every event your event, you'll have the possibility to choose the fabrics you'll have the following options:

  • Choose the Colour Combination
  • Add your own Logo
  • Internal Label with your name, the date of the event and every kind of info you want your guests to remember!
  • Personalised prints on the inside or the outside of the product 
  • Different Sizes 

3. Place your order:

With the help of our stuff, place your order and let us do the rest!


For any further information, you're invited to contact us on Whatsapp or via Email.


Thank you and Mazal tov!

Simcha's Kippot