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simchas kippot for eventssimchas kippot for eventssimchas kippot for events

Welcome to SIMCHA’S KIPPOT – the best online Kippot store

Now it’s easier than ever. in just 3 steps you can order any kind of Kippa for your event.

1. Choose the kind of Kippa you would like from the menu above (under the button “our Kippot”). we sell: Woollen kippot, Corduroy kippot, Burlap kippot, Satin kippot, Linen kippot, Silk kippot, Knitted kippot, Brocade kippot, Velvet kippot, Cotton twill kippot, Special design kippot, Bukharain kippot, imitation silk kippot, Leatherette kippot, Stripes kippot, Synthetic suede kippot, Plaid kippot

2. Choose the style of the Kippa from the gallery, and pres the “order” button under it.

3. Fill the order form.

Thats it. from that moment our custumer care unit will take care of your order. 

please notice the following guidelines:

The minimum order is 60 kippot. you can always order a sample for a small cost to examine the marchendise. press here for the “sample order form”.

if you have any inquiry or need more information, You can write us in english, Hebrew, French, Spanish or Italian.

Please allow 40 business working days for the production of our Kippot once your order has been confirmed, plus approximately 4-7 days for shipping (depending on delivery destination).

You can choose the printing inside the kippah (either printed directly onto the lining or onto a satin ribbon) and the color of the lining itself (The default lining colour is white but it is possible to produce it in any color from the cotton range if requested).

The cost of delivery will be calculated according to the quantity and delivery destination.

Be careful: if duty or tax happens at client’s customs, client should pay it, we will not undertake such cost.